Towing Service for Tucson AZ

How Much Does Towing Service Cost in Tucson AZ?

Unless you’re the luckiest driver, chances are that you will have to call for a tow truck at some point. And while regular maintenance and car insurance can help to reduce the risk of breakdowns, it’s nearly impossible to avoid this reality entirely. But how much does it cost to have a vehicle towed, and who ends up footing the bill?

Currently, Tucson doesn’t have local measures limiting private property towing and storage fees beyond what’s required by state law. But the city’s planning department is preparing to address these issues, and is studying towing ordinances from cities like Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe and Scottsdale.

One proposed requirement, for example, would require towing carriers to be available to release a vehicle within three hours of its removal. But Jason Akers, owner of one of the region’s largest private property towing companies, says this rule could create unintended consequences. For example, he says his company often has contracts with private properties that designate times it patrols their premises or removes illegally parked cars. If he’s not able to respond to such requests, a car can be left on the lot overnight, when storage fees will begin to accrue.

The cost of towing varies depending on the Towing Service for Tucson AZ, the type of vehicle and other factors such as location and the time of day, but the average cost for basic services in Tucson is $75 to $100 for the hook-up fee plus $2 to $4 per mile for transportation. To get the best deal, make sure to compare quotes from multiple towing services, ask for discounts and check if they are insured and licensed.